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Craniosacral Therapy has been shown to help those with autism find greater ease both within themselves and the world around them by reducing the structural stress and strain on their central nervous system. The science behind conditions like autism, ADHD, and other sensory processing disorders also suggest some of inflammation. CST has been shown to treat the consequences of of inflammation of the brain and nerves. It has also been shown to calm the brain, which can assist with learning and self-control and release tensions in the body. 

Why Craniosacral Therapy For Kids With Special Needs?





In a recent international research study on the benefits of using CST with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD):

  •  A majority of participants reported measurable changes begin to emerge within 1 to 5 sessions after beginning CST

  • The Top three areas of evaluated change in behavior, sensory reactions, and social.

  • Participants also reported improvements in cognitive skills, communication, emotional stability, and biological functions

How Does CST  Fit Into A Child's Therapy Program?

  • It Helps address the results of the biological reasons that cause autism, attention, and sensory processing difficulties

  • Helps reduce seizure activity, promotes detox of the body, and assists in healing tissues and organs.

  • A person's therapy works best if there are also efforts to find and stop the source of brain and body inflammation.

"Without CST my son would not have made the progress he has made. He does not have sensory issues to the extreme degree he had when he first began treatment and has significantly decreased his ongoing anxiety." 

-parent of child with autism

"My daughter, who doesn't like being touched, not only copes with, but seems to look forward to going to her CST treatment. It makes her feel better."

-parent of child with autism


Calm Child Class

Attention Parents! Do You Feel Overwhelmed By Your Special Needs Child?


- Do You Have Problems Getting Your Child to Sleep?

- Do They have Anxiety and Stimming Behaviors?

- Are Meltdowns Stressing You Out?

- Would You Like Your Child To Feel More Comfortable in 

   Their Own Skin and Environment?

What Would It Mean If You Could Improve These Things?


Learn A Simple Hands-On Technique to Help These Issues,  Discover How To Calm Your Child’s Nervous System. Find Different Essential Oils For Stress, and Much More All With Our 3-Hour Calm Child Class.


Date: Saturday, February 8th 2020       

Time: 1-4pm

Location: 2010 Eberhart Rd. Whitehall, PA


Deadline is 1/31/20

Cost: $197

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