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Modern health craniosacral therapy
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Modern Health Lymph Drainage Therapy

 Modern Health CST Provides Pain Relief For The Lehigh Valley 

Does back pain keep you up at night? Are migraines making work unbearable? Are you suffering from neck pain, limited mobility, or other physical issues like TMJ? Does your child have ADHD, Autism or other Sensory Integration Disorders that affects both school and home life?


Then Modern Health Craniosacral Therapy may be just what you need! My name is David Nemeroff, and with over 20 years of professional experience in the Lehigh Valley, I pride myself on having a gentle, effective, and holistic approach to wellness. Check out the different therapies we offer and call now to set up an appointment or have your questions answered.

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Here's What Clients Have Said About Modern Health Craniosacral Therapy

* I had wrist pain for several weeks. David worked on it for only five minutes and the pain went away! - Jesus J.

* I remember how much you helped me when I lived in the area. - Vera M

* David has treated me in the past for back pain. I highly recommend him! - Mark H

* I was suffering from tinnitus for quite some time. I tried many different ways to get rid of it but with no great results. Finally, I decided to take the Craniosacral Therapy and that was a great choice. After just half an hour of treatment my tinnitus dropped significantly.
It was a great experience not only for my illness but for whole body and mind. - Dariusz L

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